Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce

One excellent idea to make the situation bearable and more accessible is the Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce. Amidst the drastic changes brought upon the COVID-19, there are innovations to cope with the new environment. Since individuals are limited to doing activities during this pandemic, inventions that would help manage tasks are welcomed with both hands. By generating this setup, people’s exposure to the outside world will be lessened, and things will go smoothly. Indeed, modern problems require modern solutions.

This excellent plugin enables seat reservation system management with WordPress WooCommerce. It works with its products most suitable for certain businesses like vital transportation methods (e.g., trains, buses, taxis, airplanes). It also caters to entertainment purposes such as cinemas and theatres, beaches, restaurants, and parks. Through this, booking tickets would not be a hassle. Moreover, scheduling would be a lot easier as it is planned to be. This innovation adapts to the situation by managing activities outside through their website.

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce – How does it work?

Admins can make seating profiles comprehensively. Users have their respective profiles to be accessed every reservation made. Inevitably, people are already familiar with this as it is similar to smart seats when reserving seats in movie theatres. It lets users choose one available seat at a specific time and date. This profile accessibility also applies to vehicles.

Upon choosing the most suitable seat, admins will present a seat map via the product edit page and the front-end product page. The types of seats available are VIP, standard, and free. It is impressive that these choices are available to let customers pick the most comfortable seat they want. Once chosen, the seat is immediately reserved and labeled a “booked seat.”

This seat reservation can only be accessed by the admins responsible for booking the customers’ options. On the website, buttons with corresponding functions are presented. After the customer chooses the preferred seat, the admin will click the shopping cart on the front-end product page. In this step, customers will pay the accumulated price. Lastly, once the reservation is complete, the booked seats will be displayed on the Backend page.

Furthermore, users can also access this seat reservation management on a WordPress post for simpler booking. Customers will choose a seat profile to select the seats to be reserved, fill out and submit the form, and wait for confirmation sent in an email.

With this easy access to seat reservations, customers can enjoy the outside world with caution and fewer risks. This innovation is not difficult to navigate, so everyone will not have a hard time doing it. There are different versions available in which the latest poses as the best. No worries, it is affordable and undoubtedly worth the price. It is indeed an excellent seat reservation management system. There is no doubt why it has garnered 4.8 stars and received happy feedback from users. Their service is of high-quality and significant, especially during this crisis.

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