Cost Calculator WordPress

Cost Calculator WordPress

One that is rated 4.5 stars and is in demand now is the Cost Calculator WordPress. Its module is smart and can allow sites to create a quote or price estimation for potential clients with adequate information on the products and services offered.

The reality is, we can do almost everything online, now even getting simple quotes or project price estimation. So, if you are running a site, you would love a customizable pre-built calculator template plugin for that purpose that is eye-catching, easy to operate, and has lots of handy features.

It is clean and the easiest to understand for a WordPress site. It is even compatible now with all themes and page builders. Cost Calculator WordPress module highlights (key product feature) the following:

Cost Calculator WordPress – Simple to use

WordPress Cost Calculator has a user-friendly interface allowing the user to create guesstimate forms easily and generating income fast. It also comes with six video demos for more thorough training on how to use the license.

Cost Calculator WordPress – Customizable Calculation Builder

With this program, the user can make unlimited calculation systems. It comes with eight programmable elements (listed below), so the user can create or design their calculation table that fits any project in mind with ease.

Cost Calculator WordPress – Calculator Elements

  • Input box
  • Dropdown menu box with pictures and symbols
  • On and off switch box
  • Check box
  • Range numeric slider
  • Horizontal Line
  • Quantity box
  • Textbox

Users can create various forms such as project price estimation forms, service price calculation, leads generation tool, etc.

Cost Calculator – Connect with Clients

Once potential clients agree with the quotation generated from WordPress Calculator, they can effortlessly create a contact form since WordPress clients can integrate a commerce procedure. Examples are as follows:

  • PayPal form for instant payment
  • Contact form for clients who wish to contact the user
  • Embedded forms that are ready to use
  • reCaptcha support for security and to stop spammers and internet bots

Cost Calculator – Advanced Features

Its newest feature is its ability to adapt to every device. Wherever gadgets clients open the user’s website, WordPress Cost Calculator functionality is the same thanks to WPBakery Page Builder of WordPress and Bold Builder, which automatically grids the forms.

Cost Calculator – Best Customer Support

Their excellent customer service team and technical support are available daily, 24/7.

As someone who invests in people to do manual cost estimations for your products and services, you know that converting it to income may take days if not weeks or as a business owner whose sales are majority made online, getting a WordPress Cost Calculator integrated into your site is a win-win strategy.

You can keep your people while making work faster and easier for everyone with smart, simple tool features.