Progress Map Wordpress Plugin

Progress Map WordPress Plugin

Is your website all about listings (business, real estate, restaurants, stores, and others)? Improve your site’s performance and usability. The Progress Map WordPress Plugin can make the task of listing locations on Google Maps on your website without any trouble. Therefore, site visitors will have no issue searching for and navigating to places.

Progress Map WordPress Plugin – Product Features

Listing or business directory websites are trendy. For businesses, these help build or grow their online presence. For individuals, these search for specific businesses quickly. In a few clicks of the mouse, the search is already completed. To build or maintain a listing website, you will require exceptional plugins to function properly and for businesses to add a listing. The Progress Map WordPress Plugin is one of them. Check out the product features:

  • An admin panel is available to help you manage everything easily.
  • The form field in the “Add New Post” lets users add new locations.
  • You can work with posts and pages using default post types, but you can also choose custom post types without limitations. Meaning, you can use as many custom post types as you can.
  • This plugin uses a powerful and optimized map. Map styles are over 70, and these are all ready to use.
  • You can set the map language according to your preference.
  • There are 7 info windows and custom and clustered markers. 
  • The latest version (5.6) lets you include search functionality so users can find a specific country faster.
  • If you are very particular with colors, you can change the route color in the route map. If the route map’s weight and opacity are not according to your preference, you can edit them as well. The same goes for the skin of the slider.
  • Version 5.5 lets you open directions between the markers and the user location and add a menu to the markers.
  • Users can enjoy a faster loading speed of the map that can now manage many markers without any issue. This becomes possible by adding the infoboxes and carousel images to the cache.
  • Users can only see their areas of interest because of the map holes, covering the map with an overlay.
  • The site can geolocate the site visitor because of the geo-targeting feature.
  • The loading bar and spinner inform users of the loading process that’s taking place.
  • Adding multiple locations in a single post is supported.
  • Users can search for locations faster by filtering them according to tags, categories, or custom taxonomies.

The Progress Map WordPress Plugin offers such big help for listing website owners and Internet users who rely on listing sites or online directories when searching for a particular product, service, or company.

Progress Map WordPress Plugin – DEMO