Social Auto Poster - WordPress Plugin

Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin

Using the Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin can help you promote your content easily—without the need to recruit additional staff to do this task.

Getting crazy managing all your social media accounts? Then this Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin is the right tool for you.

If you are working on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Google My Business, and many more accounts daily, this takes much of your time. Or, this somehow forces you to hire a social media manager.

Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin – Automatically Posting Your Social Media Content

You can get the help you need with Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin as it will automatically post your content to all your social media accounts. Likewise, if you run out of ideas to share and you have posts from a year ago that are still of relevance, you can repost them. Schedule your content.

Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin also works with groups, business pages, profiles, and community pages. Just make sure that you are using only one Facebook account for each of these pages and groups.

Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin – Three-Step Auto Posting

  1. Configure your social media accounts.
  2. Begin creating your content.
  3. Schedule your posts.

You can choose to create your content on a weekly or monthly basis. Therefore, you don’t need to manage them each day. You have nothing to worry about building and maximizing the potentials of your online presence.

Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin – Features

  • As the name suggests, it does auto-posting and re-posting of content.
  • Schedule the exact time you want your content published. Set posting order according to title, date, and post type or just at random.
  • Supports auto-posting of custom post types, where you can schedule the posting of your site pages, blog posts, products, and download sections on your social accounts.
  • You have no limits as to the number of accounts you can configure for auto-posting.
  • For your Facebook account, you are not restricted to your Facebook page. If you are also managing Facebook groups and community pages, you may also use them to post your content.
  • This WordPress plugin also posts tags, categories, and others as hashtags.
  • Monitoring your social media accounts’ performance is also easier with Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin as it is integrated with Google Analytics. Out of this feature, you will know which of your content is working and which is not.
  • This plugin makes use of URL shorteners:,,, or the built-in WordPress URL shortener.
  • Be in control of social media shares. You can opt to share only the titles or include hashtags and mentions. It’s your choice.
  • Enjoy the use of emoji on your posts.

You have more product features to discover when you use Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin. Tutorials are also available so you can make the most out of this plugin to build and grow your online presence. If you’re having issues, do not hesitate to contact customer support.

Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin – DEMO