WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin automatically sets the most important settings for your site, including, but not limited to: Theme, Permalinks, RSS feeds. Unfortunately, though these are set by default and can be changed later on. For some people, this is not enough. For example, if you are building an agency on different themes then you definitely don’t want everything to be set by default. On top of that WordPress has a large repository of plugins that enhance your site functionality on various levels including SEO, Adsense integration, etc… An automatic WordPress plugin can allow you to implement all these features without having to manually make them yourself.

You can use an automatic WordPress plugin to automatically install a specific plugin on your site.

Some of the features you can implement using WordPress Automatic Plugin include:

  • implementing SEO features without having to code them yourself.
  • implementing Adsense and other Google ad modules without having to code them yourself.
  • implementing user login and registration. This can be done without having to learn advanced forms such as iFrames or AJAX, as it is all integrated into WordPress automatically.
  • allow users to set their own password for the site automatically, eliminating the need for manual password maintenance, as this now happens automatically on your WordPress install. The user will never have to know the site’s passwords and they won’t even notice that it happened so automatically!
  • automatic installation of components such as SEO plugins, social media integration plugins and any other plugin you wish to use on your site.
  • automatic user registration. Users can directly register for your website without even knowing it. It is all set out for them automatically, and you decide what they will need to fill in before registering with WordPress Automatic Plugin.

In addition to that Automatic WordPress Plugin can, in some cases, overwrite existing theme or comment settings. If this happens then the plugin will overwrite the existing settings with the ones supplied by the plugin. In most cases, this is not a problem since you would have made changes to your theme and/or comments manually in order for them to take effect so in general, it’s safe to enable automatic installation of plugins.

In order to install the plugin, you need to go to the automatic page and select the ‘Add automatic’ button next to the plugin you want.

After a few seconds, you will see a confirmation message that your plugin has been added.

To start using the plugin, open up your theme options and scroll down to find Automatic Plugin settings. Enable this option if you want WordPress Automatic Plugin to automatically install plugins on your site. You can also choose one or more plugins that you want to have installed automatically. This is useful if there are some plugins that you use all the time and would like them to be available on every other site as well.

One thing to note is that if you select a plugin and the plugin doesn’t exist on WordPress.org then it will be installed manually.

If you already have the plugin installed on your site then the automatic plugin will overwrite the existing settings with those supplied by the plugin. You can check out some of the plugins that can be installed automatically.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Pros:

  • No need to manually add plugins and configure them.
  • Eases the burden of adding all the plugins you need, since this is done automatically without having to do it yourself.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Cons:

  • You don’t get to choose which plugins you will use and which ones you won’t. This means that some plugins that you would not have turned on might get installed, and this can result in a loss of site functionality. If this happens then read the article about how to revert your plugin settings back to normal. The other disadvantage is that other add-ons such as rotating ads, for example, might not work with your theme or plugin if they are installed automatically.
  • Although ‘automatic’ sounds like a great idea it might not be as good as it seems. With hundreds if not thousands of plugins available, there is a chance that some of them will conflict with each other or with your site’s theme, and this can result in unexpected problems. This is why we recommend only enabling the automatic plugin if you know exactly what each plugin does and how they affect your theme and use it responsibly!


WordPress Automatic Plugin is a useful plugin that can make installing and maintaining plugins a lot easier. It is only recommended if you know exactly what each plugin does and what they require from your site, and you use it responsibly. using the automatic plugin with the proper knowledge will allow your site to work as advertised.

In conclusion, you should probably use WordPress Automatic Plugin with caution, as it might do more harm than good by potentially interfering with your theme’s settings or function.


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