Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro

Profit from your website as you turn your content—or some of it—into members-only content. The Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin is your best choice when it comes to membership plugins. This helps you create memberships and then give them access to your premium content.

To make the content and membership management easier, this WordPress plugin is packed with features and lets you start with initial settings right after installation.

Ultimate Membership Pro – Product Features

The Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin is very rich in features. The bullet list is so long, but here are some of them:

  • Content access management lets you be in control of how users can access your content. You can do it by post type, keyword, or URL in only a few clicks. This feature also allows you to restrict access to physical files or navigation menu.
  • You may do partial content restriction, wherein users can only see a part of the content while they are not members yet. You can also use drip content, wherein you will release content at regular intervals: instantly, on a specific date, or after subscription. If you need to stop releasing content on a certain period or a specific date, you can do this as well through drip content.
  • Users can register or login to your website to 7 social media networks because of the social login integration: Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and VKontakte.
  • Choose what the members can see on their customer account page, but the main section includes an overview, profile, social plus, subscription, orders, help, logout, etc.
  • You’ll love this plugin because of its easy setup. Soon as you install it, initial settings are given, and you are ready to start. You can review the other settings and modify them as you like.
  • You can create as many subscription packages as you deem it necessary because it allows unlimited premium subscription. You can also set the payment mode on a one-time basis or recurring payments.
  • You can see the members’ management tab on the dashboard, where you can view members’ activity, subscription status, and report more importantly. You can use the advanced filters to customize the list.
  • Built-in integrations make your life easier. For payments, you have 11 payment platforms available: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Payza, Paypal Express, Stripe Checkout, and others. For email marketing, you have 10 marketing platforms integrated, including Aweber, Mailpoet, and Mad Mimi.
  • You can offer coupon gifts to new members. It can be in the form of discount, amount (usage), levels, or period (date range).

There are a lot more features that you can use when you install this Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin. The design, admin panel, and customer support are amazing…you’ll have no trouble with it. The update is regularly that you know it’s a worthy investment.

Ultimate Membership Pro – DEMO