EventOn Calendar

EventOn Calendar

EventOn Calendar is a one-stop calendar app that features various specifications that one cannot find in a usual calendar app. It is one app which caters anyone’s need virtually. With its advanced features, it is undeniably one’s must-have.

Everyone adores balance and organization. Balance in the way that things are complements the other one. And the organization, in the way that things are in the right place. These are two of the ideal necessity of individuals seeking a harmonious flow of activities in their daily lives. Something that, if they possess, would not only give them the satisfaction of not being anxious if they forgot something but, most importantly, enable them to live a fulfilled and harmonious life–something which EventOn Calendar is undoubtedly good at.

EventOn Calendar specializes in maintaining a fulfilled everyday life with its user. It offers a bunch of unique performances, which makes it notable among the others.

EventOn – Design it Your Way.

EventOn Calendar is not just a calendar, but a fellow. It is to set things to match the latest trends in the industry, specifically its user. It offers unlimited colorization depending on your own choice of each event you input in there. The tiles for each day and circumstance are also all uniquely designed to fit your taste. It will not just add aesthetics to your personalized calendar but will also help you work efficiently when looking for a piece of certain event information. EventOn Calendar also comes with an unlimited image setting wherein you can input several photos to your event in the calendar to create a vivid gallery about that event.

EventOn – Systematize your Fulfilment.

We primarily use virtual calendars because of one thing–and that is to ensure fulfillment of duties. EventOn Calendar secures accomplishment within every goal. It offers features like involving maps in your event information. Through here, you and your visitors can display the event location as well as direction. It also comes with a multi-day event option wherein you can create events that last for more than one day and a filter and sort option wherein one can sort things according to what they are to find the information they are looking for.

EventOn – Interact within Worlds.

EventOn Calendar is not just made for individuality but also aims to secure a smooth flow of interaction between its users. It comes with social media share icons, ensuring support to every primary social share site, and sending through email. It also comes with an event location option wherein location archive pagers allow every user to see all the events occurring in one location.

EventOn Calendar offers a variety of features that will indeed be enjoyed by its future users. Specifically speaking, it is not just for those who want to work effectively, but also for those seeking fulfillment.

Though this is for us, it does come with its limitations. Sadly, EventOn Calendar is only compatible with four browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It has been updated since October twenty-seventh of this year and can be purchase for roughly twenty-five dollars. Not bad for a jampacked uniquely designed software that will surely be one’s weapon in achieving fulfillment.