Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a platform for creating website content with an emphasis on fascinating animations and visual effects. It started as a slideshow creating plugin but has grown into software for website design. It comes with many animation effects, text, image video layers, and many other features.

The convenience of web designing through Slider Revolution without any coding; and done within minutes makes slider revolution versatile. Slider revolution promotes efficiency in designing your web page; with this, the loading time is fast.

Multiple Layers of Animation

This WordPress plugin’s dynamic elements are shown through its ability to put various animations into each layer. The structure is easy to understand even if the function is complex.

Fresh Contents

New user interface features are made available and prepared to have a wide selection of quality templates to enhance your webpage quickly. It has over 200 templates that you could choose from, continuously updating to provide fresh content.

There are new icons, videos, and images that you can use to enhance your web project. Premade layers and quick style-presets enhance productivity and lessen the hassle of making individual presets.

Various Add-ons For Your Templates

Over 20 addons, you can add to your template for special effects that can enhance your web page quality. Addons such as Before & After, Particles, Distortion, Slicey, Paintbrush, Bubble Morph, Typewriter, and Reveal are some of the effects of slider revolution.

Extended Support Center

Slider revolution ensures that each of your queries is answered and well explained. Proper documentation and frequently asked questions provided in their support center reflect quality customer service.

There are tutorial videos that could help in completing a webpage. A directory that answers right away is provided by slider revolution so that every web designer can search, look, and highlight an option.

Pros and Cons of Slider Revolution

The Slider revolution gained its popularity over the years. However, every consumer has their own needs and requirements in considering something to be worth the purchase. It is best to weigh the pros and cons before availing of the slider revolution.

Slider evolution is a one-stop-shop for web designing. It has over 200 templates and over 20 addons you can choose from. If you are someone who is looking for a complete slider creator, this is best for you.

However, the straightforward design is not following its purpose. It can still be overwhelming with options, and needs to have a learning curve to familiarize myself with it. Slider Revolution does not have a free version to test out its features. If you want to get a feel of it before engaging, this is not best for you.


A regular license costs as low as $59, including the add-ons, so all the features will be experienced after availing of its regular license. Considering the features, price, and different customizations you can do, the Slider is affordable.