Mapplic - Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin

Mapplic – Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin

Mapplic is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create interactive geographical maps on your website or blog quickly and efficiently. Interactive maps are more convenient for users than an ordinary text overview of the driving directions because they can visualize well through the interactive guides at their own pleasure.

Key Product Features

  • Unlimited floors and landmarks can be made.
  • Compatible for all major browsers and with all kinds of WordPress themes.
  • Deep linking: Each of the locations are referenced on the map with its URL.
  • Easy Installation and Set-up; User-friendly for both front-end and back-end users
  • It enables web developers to create an excellent user interface via CSS3 with few code lines.
  • Zoom In and Out Function in the map
  • Offers optimum experience across many devices through its responsive design
  • Touch optimization for users of smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices.

Mapplic – Interactive and Responsive Design

Sensitive and touchscreen-optimized, your Mapplic maps and floorplans enable users to enjoy an entirely usable, immersive interface on touchscreen devices. This plugin has features such as zoom and pan controls, tooltips, mini maps, and lightboxes that add to the optimum user experience.

Mapplic – Fully Customizable and Unlimited Options

Mapplic allows you to create fully custom maps, optimizing the user interface with the places of interest you choose to show. The plugin has ready to use images that you can conveniently use to build maps of the world, the continent, or a specific country, conveniently map for a building, malls, hospitals, resorts, hotels, airports, and events maps, historical maps, or RPG game maps. You can upload photos of different formats like JPG, PNG, and SVG and make your own customized maps.

Mapplic – Comprehensive Directory of Built-in Maps

When it comes to the globe, continent, and country maps, this plugin has the most advanced and detailed selection. Here you can find geographical maps of the world, continents, and countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, the USA, and popular European countries. Their directory is continuously updated with high-resolution maps of Japan, Mexico, South Africa, and more countries to come.

Mapplic – A Better Option Than Tile-Based Maps

Most web page developers and users prefer to use detailed, interactive maps compared to tile-based maps like OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. In Mapplic, you can use our map database or any of your own vectors or maps.

Mapplic – Filter Options and Diverse Markers

Mapplic makes filters for locating places, landmarks, buildings, and others easier. Like when finding a particular restaurant in a mall, you can set up filters for cafes and restaurants. With this WordPress plugin, for any URL, location, landmark, you have predetermined markers. You can move the markers on the screen to where you want them.

Lightbox and Pictogon Support

The Lightbox effect is enabled by the WordPress map plugin that helps you highlight photos by filling the frame and fading the page’s remainder to increase your website’s visibility.

Utilizes AJAX Preloader

Mapplic utilizes AJAX Preloader to upload images quicker without lagging and needing to refresh the page. This preloader is the best way to improve the efficiency of the web and make things quicker.

Good Documentation

This WordPress plugin also includes a comprehensive guide to help you during the process of installation & configuration.

Pricing and Update

You can get Mapplic – Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin in two ways; the WordPress version and the jQuery version. What’s the difference? They are pretty much the same on how you can create maps; the only difference is how to map data is managed and stored. The price is a one-time fee that comes with free, lifetime updates and support for six months. The latest versions are downloaded from their Downloads page, so be in the know on their updates.

Mapplic is one of the best map software available on the market with the key features we highlighted. This multi-purpose plugin lets you customize high-quality, interactive maps fast and easy.